As national telecommunications partner, Swisscom is developing an ultra-light, energy-saving communications solution for Solar Impulse that will allow the pilots to remain in constant contact with the tracking station as well as transmit data and live images.

Swisscom will also make sure that all interested parties can experience the adventure of Solar Impulse first hand, in particular via its mobile communication services.

Swisscom aims to be one of Switzerland's most sustainable companies. Our environmental and social commitments are therefore an integral part of our corporate strategy. We have defined binding goals for 2020 in six corporate responsibility focus themes. Find out here what we have achieved and what we still aim to accomplish. As Switzerland's tenth largest power consumer, we are conscious of our special responsibility. This is why we do our utmost to make more efficient use of our resources through innovation, so that future generations will be able to enjoy the same chances and opportunities as we do today. We believe in the future of renewable energy. This is why we support the Solar Impulse project as official partner.

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