Swiss Re Corporate Solutions joined forces with Solar Impulse in 2012 to demonstrate the enormous potential of renewable energy and clean technology. 



We appreciate and admire the risk-taking that comes with a pioneering spirit. That's why we are passionate about helping dreams take flight to benefit society as a whole, with our expertise and capacity to take care of the risk.


Insurance plays an important role in making pioneering projects possible in the first place, and Solar Impulse is no exception. Our underwriting teams consist of experts from many disciplines, including aviation, engineering, construction and renewable energy. This collective knowledge and experience allow us to develop practical and innovative insurance coverages for complex risks. In the case of Solar Impulse, we were able to design a tailored insurance solution for an experimental aircraft on a mission never before undertaken.

Globally, we de-risk complex renewable energy projects from conception to construction and operation. We can even remove the uncertainty from a renewable energy project, helping out when the sun does not shine or the wind does not blow. This allows the renewable sector to grow and become part of the mainstream energy industry.


"Our partnership is an excellent fit between two organisations who share a belief that innovation can flourish when knowledge and expertise is combined across industries. We have the expertise to match Solar Impulse's needs on a project which will potentially revolutionise the way we power our society." – Agostino Galvagni, CEO of Swiss Re Corporate Solutions.


Flight for the future: pioneers in risk analyses the Solar Impulse adventure through the lens of risk management, explaining how commercial insurance can help overcome challenges caused by extreme weather, human error or technological complexity.


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