Solvay is proud to have been a driving force behind the Solar Impulse project from the start. Thanks to its unwavering commitment to develop transformative clean technologies that ease dependency on carbon-emitting fossil fuels, Solar Impulse is making solar powered air travel a reality.


Solvay has a vital place in the history of the founders of Solar Impulse. Initiator and Chief Pilot Dr. Bertrand Piccard comes from a long line of adventurers who’ve collaborated with Solvay. 
He, along with Solar Impulse CEO André Borschberg, chose to partner with Solvay partly based on this lasting historical connection, but primarily because the Group is also an excellent fit - not only in terms of technological solutions, but also in terms of values. The beliefs promoted by Solar Impulse are also beliefs Solvay lives by: innovation, a pioneering spirit and respect for the planet and for people.

Solvay’s technologies have contributed to aircraft’s energy capture and storage, endurance and safety and above all to its lightweigting. This weight reduction challenge was achieved on the one hand thanks to Solvay solutions for the main frame of the planes, with carbon fibers composites and adhesive systems combining them to honeycombs or foams based on our high performance polymers; and on the other hand through a systematic metal replacement program again by Solvay high performance polymers. All these products are today used in many applications.

A project based on technology, common goals and shared values is what cements the Solvay partnership with Solar Impulse. The benefits that will spread to all humanity from this project are a true reflection of Solvay’s common beliefs and ambitions.


Since 2004, Solvay has contributed pioneering technologies that have resulted in 15 products being used in 25 applications in most parts of SI1 and SI2. These products improved the energy chain, enhanced the structure, and reduced the weight of the aircraft – crucial elements that will help to make this ambitious flight a success.


The Solar Impulse adventure represents innovation without boundaries and Solvay’s ability to demonstrate its power in finding solutions to develop and promote low carbon technologies,” said Jean-Pierre Clamadieu, Chairman of the Executive Committee and CEO of Solvay.


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