Schindler moves 1 billion people with clean and efficient products every day.



Behind its success is a can-do attitude and pioneering spirit that has delivered many industry benchmarks in innovation, including Schindler’s destination controller, machine room-less elevators, and steel rope-less traction.

The company’s very latest development, an elevator powered exclusively by solar energy, highlights again its revolutionary and forward-looking spirit.

Schindler's entrepreneurial spirit has served it well during its 137 years of history. Located in Switzerland – a country with almost no natural resources – Schindler has always relied on hard work, financial prudence, perseverance and "being one step ahead". By embedding its engineers in the Solar Impulse project, Schindler remains at the cutting edge of technology for clean and sustainable mobility.


"Solar Impulse is an excellent example of innovative sustainability and grass-root entrepreneurship. This project is not only about saving and conserving energy, it's all about working smarter instead of working harder. While staying in the air – day after day, Solar Impulse moves us beyond the idea of conventional belt tightening: it proves convincingly that one can tap into a virtually unlimited supply of solar energy. Solar Impulse is a unique platform where creativity meets audacity, technological expertise meets perseverance, vision meets discipline and, finally, where action converts a dream into reality." Alfred N. Schindler, Chairman & CEO of the Schindler Group