EUROCONTROL has become an institutional partner of Solar Impulse and gives operational support to Solar Impulse flights in the controlled airspace of its 38 European member states.

Designated as the Network Manager by the European Commission, EUROCONTROL aims at delivering a performance-based ATM system through operations management and monitoring, deployment coordination and crisis management.

EUROCONTROL helps Solar Impulse flights by liaising with air navigation service providers and military authorities, so that the special aircraft are protected from traffic in their long, slow climb through congested airspace. Its Network Manager Operations Centre disseminates all relevant information to air traffic control centres along the flight path so that they can prepare and update flight operations.

“As an organisation, EUROCONTROL is committed to reducing aviation’s impact on the environment and to ensuring greater efficiency in the European air traffic network. These are goals which appear to me to be totally compatible with Solar Impulse’s objectives.” David McMillan, Director General EUROCONTROL.