Altran, global leader in innovation and high‐tech engineering consulting, has been actively involved as an official partner in the Solar Impulse project since 2003


As part of its contribution, the group has created a mission simulator to define flight strategies in real time and on a long term basis, developed the aircraft’s energy optimization system and assisted the team in project management. Altran is also employing all of its skills to develop the automatic pilot navigation tool, as well as the specifications and carbon composite structure design for the HB-SIB.

“By committing itself to the Solar Impulse project, Altran is at the crossroads of its competencies and values. How could Altran apply its expertise better than serving an Engineer’s dream with a strong societal dimension? This project is the very expression of our job, which consists in making a virtual world become real, and whose technical difficulties impose to innovate. Solar Impulse is an emblematic project that demonstrates our capability to imagine new solutions responding to non-conventional issues in a non-conventional environment.”  Philippe Salle, Chairman & Chief Executive.


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