Yann Arthus-Bertrand

"My commitment to sustainable development has been gradually developing through my daily work on Earth, meetings and lectures. I became aware of the usefulness of my photos, and also of the way in which my convictions imbued them with an added value. And then, the more one becomes aware of what is at stake, the more one becomes interested in our Earth, and the more one wants to get involved in helping things to evolve."

"There is a real ecological honesty about Bertrand Piccard and his project can only arouse my enthusiasm. The airplane is the most expensive means of transport energy-wise, and it alone represents over 3% of the planet's greenhouse gas emissions! As an aerial photographer, I know a bit about it. If all planes were to become solar-powered, this would be tremendous. And Piccard is a dreamer: I know nothing more extraordinary than helping people realise their dreams."