Richard Wiese

In early 2002, Richard C. Wiese became the youngest president of the 100-year old establishment "Explorers Club", a New York City-based non-profit group dedicated to promoting field research and scientific exploration.

Bachelor of Science in Geology and Biology from Brown University, Wiese was until the late 90s a television journalist and independent documentary film producer. As such, he won an Emmy Award (Science) in 1997.

He is passionate about ice climbing, mountaineering, and scuba diving. He helped lead an expedition to Antarctica in 2002, was the head guide of a Kilimanjaro climb of a dozen people, and in 2003 soloed the active volcano in Tanzania for geological sampling and was part of a conservation team radio-collaring jaguars in Mexico.

Wiese had joined the Explorers' Club in 1989 and in 1999 was appointed as a director.

"Meeting my kind of heroes, Neil Armstrong, John Glenn, Edmund Hillary or Buzz Aldrin, at the Explorers' Club has been incredible."