Nicolas Hulot

The Nicolas Hulot Foundation For Nature and Mankind has as its mission to modify everybody's behaviour in order to move towards a new form of society and culture, based on a sustainable development. The Foundation participates in the publication of knowledge about the ecological state of our planet, uses all available means to convince the greatest number of people about the necessity of taking action, to slow down the impact of human activities.

"...Your round the world in a solar-powered plane project contains both genius and naivety, poetry and reason, audacity and moderation... I am happy to appear modestly on your patronage committee, considering your ambition to promote renewable energies and sustainable development. Marrying today's imperatives with tomorrow's necessities, recording progress throughout, combining the ecology with the economy, reconciling our destiny with all living beings, these are the urgent tasks which humanity must address without further delay, if we want to avoid major crises. A magnificent opportunity for our societies to re-instil a sense of progress and to establish a new dimension in solidarity: a solidarity with the future. Your future experience will contribute to this quest. It demonstrates that we possess some marvellous technological tools and it's up to us to use them prudently."