Jean Verne

The whole world regarded his great grandfather, Jules Verne, as a hero of exploration and adventure. Jules Verne was for a long time venerated as the absolute master of science fiction, but today's generations, who have witnessed the conquest of space and of the ocean pits, have promoted him as an avant-gardist and visionary. A « Jules Verne dream », is an expression, which today means the enthusiasm for exploration and generous vigour, which must be devoted to the continued inspiration of human activity.

"Time, patience, tenacity, my great grandfather Jules Verne used to write, because everything which has been achieved in this world, was done thanks to exaggerated hopes, he concluded. And this is what Bertrand Piccard symbolises the best in this project, which is ambitious, but in the public's universal interest. Let us therefore not be afraid of hoping too much, if our action is to benefit from this and through it the 'improved future' of our planet, vivarium of the human race. All our best wishes for success should be centred around Bertrand and his team."

"The way forward for scientific and technological research, as Solar Impulse demonstrates, is to treat humankind not as its sole focus of attention, but merely as the prime mover in the natural world of which it forms an integral part."