Erik R. Lindbergh

Erik Lindbergh is the grandson of Charles and Anne Morrow Lindbergh, and serves as vice chairman of the Lindbergh Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to furthering his grandparents' vision of balancing technological advances with environmental preservation. Mr. Lindbergh also serves as a Trustee of the X PRIZE Foundation, an educational non-profit prize institute creating radical breakthroughs in space and related technology for the benefit of humanity. An artist, his unique sculpture and furniture designs "inspired by nature" can be seen at An advocate of efficiency, Mr. Lindbergh built and lives in a straw bale house near Seattle, WA USA.

"The world needs to learn to navigate in conscious space in order to preserve and enhance the quality of life on spaceship earth for the children of tomorrow. Bertrand Piccard and the Solar Impulse team are providing the spark of innovation and inspiration that will illuminate the path toward a sustainable future. Just like the great explorers of the past, you will carry the hopes and dreams of humanity on this journey - bon voyage!"