Dassault Aviation, known worldwide for its civil and military aircraft, has worked alongside Solar Impulse as aircraft manufacturing adviser at the design review stage of the solar airplane and continues as an expert for the development programme.

On the basis of its aeronautical experience and aircraft manufacturer know-how and as a designer of complex air systems, DASSAULT AVIATION is providing Solar Impulse with critical expert advice on the definition and development of the solar airplane, particularly in the areas of energy management, electrical systems, avionics and flight controls and systems security and reliability.

"Dassault Aviation’s contribution to the Solar Impulse project as Aircraft Manufacturing Adviser, is written in the company's long tradition of using its research facilities' centres of excellence to take up the great technological challenges of the day. In the past, Dassault Aviation has been able to find fruitful synergies between its competence as an architect of complex aeronautical systems and areas as diverse as automobile racing and very high-performance navigation." Dassault Aviation