Air Liquide advanced Business & Technologies, a prefered partner in civil and military aviation, has been developing sophisticated expertise in the field of aerospace for more than 25 years, with a specific focus on oxygen support. Air Liquide is an official supporter of Solar Impulse since 2013 and shares its same vision and values.

By providing the vital oxygen to the pilot, Air Liquide takes part in this social project and reaffirms its commitment to clean and sustainable technologies.


Air Liquide supports Solar Impulse as the project is aligned with the core values of the Group: being at the forefront of progress and innovation, developing valuable applications and services not only for its customers but also for Society, contributing to the transformation of the energy sector and preserving the earth’s atmosphere.


The 3.8 m3 cockpit of the plane is unheated and non-pressurized in consequence above 3,000 m of altitude oxygen is needed. During the Solar Impulse round the world, Air Liquide provides several thousand liters of aeronautic oxygen. Very pure, like its therapeutic counterpart, it is also very dry. Usually a disadvantage – because dry oxygen is less comfortable – here this is an advantage. There is no risk of freezing despite the conditions that may prevail in the Si2 (Solar Impulse 2) cockpit.


"We share a common desire with the creators of Solar Impulse to develop cleaner energy. True to its pioneering spirit, Air Liquide Group has chosen to take part in this fantastic adventure. We are delighted to be able to contribute to Bertrand Piccard and André Borschberg's avant-guard vision." Pierre Etienne Franc, Air Liquide Advanced Business & Technologies Vice President 


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